Better to look at porn pics or go shopping

In the modern world, it is easy to get distracted and get depressed. We often rely on small things that can give our brain a quick boost of mood enhancing chemicals so that we can continue to function without feeling low. There are two areas that are becoming increasingly popular as ways that we can get a little bit of enjoyment quickly to improve our overall feelings of wellbeing. The first is porn pics in, and the second is retail therapy aka shopping.

Below we will compare the two and see which one is actually more beneficial for your health.
• Looking at nude pictures unlocks the instinctual part of our brains that is designed to procreate. Therefore, it is able to cut through the overworking aspects of the working brain and appeal straight to your baser levels.

• Many will try to tell you that looking at porn pics is degrading and a form of objectification, but it is only because modern society has forced us to cover up (nakedness was never an issue for our ancestors). That said, because being nude is less common, it appeals to our desires, which mean we can get a rush of positive mood chemicals when we see a naked person, making us excited and happy.

• Shopping can make you happy because it takes your mind off of other things that are happening at the time and can force you to be at the moment.
• Buying new clothes can make you feel more confident and sure of yourself. When you are looking and feeling fresh – either in a new dress or a sharp suit – you feel like you can take on the world, which can mean you’re more likely to have better interactions with others.

• Buying new items can make you feel better. We all work hard for what we have, so it’s nice to be rewarded with a new product to remind us that it isn’t all for nothing. This, in turn, can release mood enhancing chemicals which can make you feel positive and happy.

Whilst both seeing porn pics in imageweb and shopping can both have positive effects, it is more accepted for retail therapy to be used as a way of improving moods. Pornography does unfortunately have a host of negative effects on the human brain if overused, however, if not overdone, it can be positive in allowing you to embrace the sexual side of yourself and not deny your more basic desires.